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  • 广东省高新技术产业产品证书广东省高新技术产业产品证书
  • ULUL
  • CNAS 英文CNAS 英文
  • CNAS 中文CNAS 中文

China CNAS Authorixation


China CMA Accreditation

China CMA Accreditation

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ANCI Test Customer Case


ANCI Test Service Process

  • 1Customer ConsultingCustomer Consulting
  • 2Evaluation and PredictionEvaluation and Prediction
  • 3Design Proposal and Budget ValueBudget Value
  • 4Technology Identification and Budget NegotiationTechnology Identification
  • Customer Review                     8Report and Certification
  • Report and Certification          7Report and Certification
  • Test Sample                          6Test Sample
  • Sign Contract                       5Sign Contract
Authority, the global certification testing services platform
Authority, the global certification test...
  • China's conformity assessment (CNAS) committee members national laboratory certified 
  • The international electrotechnical commission (IECEE) authorised CBTL lab
  • The United States UL/FCC/CEC/Timco, Germany TUV RH/TUV SUD, UK ITS, Switzerland SGS, Norway Nemko, Canada CSA, KTC Eurofines in Belgium, South Korea and other international license issuing agency authorization highest certified
Senior expert technical team, efficient service customers
Senior expert technical team, efficient ...
  • 13 years focused on electronic product technology in the field of global certification testing team
  • Services over 3000 home electronics manufacturers, the world 500 strong enterprises long-term cooperation partners
  • Good at a product to apply for the multiple authentication project, a test and obtain international certification, help your products one-stop communication all over the world
South China big test base, 24 hour operation, time fast
South China big test base, 24 hour opera...
  • With the size of the testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment, testing a wide range
  • 24 hours operation, short test period, CE/FCC/RoHS certification completed within a week
The absolute price advantage, save 20-50%
The absolute price advantage, save 20-50...
  • Ann magnetic certification project, report and the certificate, issued by the price 50% below the international institutions
  • A month favourable activity, laboratory space rent test fifty percent discount
  • International agencies authorized Ann magnetic testing laboratory, localization testing and certification, save intermediate link, the relative international institutions test and issuing price 20% less
Gold service, full worry-free
Gold service, full worry-free
  • One-to-one by senior technical experts to provide you with product development, from consulting, assessment, forecast, improvement, training, factory inspection, testing, certification and other one-stop integrated services

Value-added project, long-term friendly cooperation partner
Value-added project, long-term friendly ...
  • Senior certified professional for cooperation to provide free technical training on site
  • Product structure for free with cooperation customer evaluation, prediction, factory inspection, guidance and other services
  • We regularly organize various industries product authentication technical seminars, cooperation customers to attend free of charge

Each International Certification Partner with ANCI Test Company


About ANCI Test Company

Company Introduction

        Dongguan Anci Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., 13 years dedicated power supply and lamps and lanterns product certification testing team in the world, the specialty is engaged in the electricity when zi chan product safety testing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and energy efficiency and energy saving to recognize card, electrical and electronic testing for hazardous materials, chemical testing, product export certification, such as one-stop technical service platform, is the domestic independent third party inspection certificate institution is one of the leading brand.
      Company established in south China (dongguan) industry leading large detection base, in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation system to strictly carry out quality control, has won the China conformity assessment (CNAS) national approval committee, international IEC authorization CBTL recognition, and got the UL/FCC/ETL/CEC, Germany TUV SUD, UK Intertek, Switzerland SGS, Norway Nemko, Canada CSA, Belgium Eurofins, Korea KTC numerous international authoritative institutions authorized qualification.
      Companies are great teams, young team, the company mainly pay attention to personnel training, comprehensive training team strength, strive to put magnetic to create the international first-class level of certification testing platform, for more excellent electronics manufacturers to provide comprehensive features a high level of certification services.
      We hold ride "professional, efficient and excellence" service concept, a senior industry engineers one-on-one for the majority of electronics manufacturers to provide from the product certification assessment, prediction, improvement, training, factory inspection, testing, certification and other all-round one-stop integrated services.Help your products are sold all over the world.




ANCI Style

  • 安磁检测
  • 安磁检测授权资质
  • 安磁检测认证专家
  • 安磁检测认证团队
  • 安磁检测团队
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  • 安磁检测服务团队
  • 安磁服务团队
  • 安磁团队风采

ANCI Laboratory

ANCI Test Professional Technology Team


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